Here I Am, God

Where have you gone, God? It's me, God.
Struggling where you left me, breaking necks to survive
There's drugs on the streets and you're resting up high
Can't you hear the kids cry?
"God doesn't love me"
"Na, he doesn't exist."
Life isn't perfect
No one thinks your legit

You were suppose to provide, but it feels like you quit
Promised to not flood the world, yet I'm drowning in debt
What's your plan here?
This doesn't make sense
Playing with a gun, I just wanna be done

No more pain
Forgiveness I gained
You were right God
Life does make sense
I didn't wanna listen
I was taken too quick

Here I am God
Knocking on your door
If you could just answer
I'll explain to you why I couldn't take this life no more.

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