Here I Lie

Here I lie, smothered in dark;
Through my window a distant bark.
It's echo plows the darkish night;
Sounding alarm, surprise or fright.
Curtains twirl from gust to gust;
And cricket songs, a certain must.

It sounds quite soothing I'm sure you'll say;
"Anything But," you'll hear me pray.
My senses numb from endless friction;
They all add up to my affliction.
Sounds pile in my mind;
A stampede of noise of the annoying kind.
A cannot sleep, I cannot drift;
I cannot make the transitioning shift.

My mind's a race, at a super-sonic pace;
And I would trade with anyone to fill my space.
This shouldn't be a fight, or some pitiful plight.
I just want to bid adieu to this long night.

I try the pills, the drowsy meds;
Which only seem to fuel my dread.
Then comes the light, I missed my chance;
I once more have to join the dance.
There is nothing I can do, I leave half-hearted;
Defeated for the day, before it started.

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