Here I Sit

I sit here alone by myself through the night,
Wondering why it is I've been feeling so empty inside.
I sit here thinking about the one woman I love.
She used to love me the same, but now things have changed.
Who's fault is that, am I the one to blame?
She tells me she loves me, but doesn't really like to let it show;
I pray that one day her love for me will grow.
If she loved me as much as I did her,
Our lives would be so perfect and true,
Instead, I sit here all alone, feeling sad and blue.
We've had our times of being both happy and sad,
But the most joy of all is finding out that I might be a dad.
Maybe it's time to have a family of my own and start a new life
With the woman I love,
The woman that one day might become my wife.

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