Here – Poem regarding the book Speak by Laurie Anderson

She quietly walks the halls
Her internal yearning calls
For love, for hope, a friend
Relationships she can not mend

She ponders to tell the truth
About the person who took her youth
But she stands alone and quiet
Afraid to start a never-ending riot

Art may keep her sane
Distract her from the pain
Fill her mind with different lives
As her heart deals with the knives

No classes give her light
Of a future that could be bright
So she drowns in her own mind
Just hoping someone will notice her sign

IT walks the halls
As she hides in the stalls
With friends to his left and right
A new girl he sees, he just might

She wonders if someone could understand
The truth that she keeps canned
Maybe her parents could hear her out
But as she stands quiet, they shout

She reminisces of her old life that has passed
The joy she emanated, as translucent as glass
Seems so far away from where she is now
She wants to feel something again, but how

As the walls close on her
Things she once loved become a blur
In rooms so busy she is alone
Losing everything she had known

If only someone reached out
Her tears could come out of her body’s drought
She just needs someone to be there for her
Just needs someone to reassure

I need her to know she has me
She doesn’t need to speak nor plee
But I will be there for her trough all the days
And guide her through the maze

I can not let her sink
If she’s alone too long, she’ll be gone in a blink
I should know, it happened to me
But ladies need to know they can be free

Free from the taunts that IT gave them
That they are nothing more than just dirty and dumb
But they have more to life to offer
There is no need to recollect no longer

I have experienced the pain.
I have known what it is like to feel alone.
I have suffered with going numb.
But I have also learned that I am more than that.

One instance does not define you
You can start again, start new
Leave your past worries behind
And seek comfort in a different state of mind

I am always here. We are always here. You are not alone. Share your story. Speak.

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