Here Without You

My heart thumps slowly as the day goes by
I am not with you when you leave but my heart senses the loss.
At first I'm unfazed, I don't care, people call me indifferent
I'm afraid of what people may say and afraid of their pity.
Later at night I can't deny the pain my heart is going through,
alone is where I cannot hide behind the mask of certainty.
You're gone and I'm alone, fending without you
but as the days go by I find the glue needed to mend the
broken crevices of my heart.
You are no longer a piece I need to make my life complete
but your memory remains with me.
That memory brings me to life.
My heart will never forget how it wept for you but
it is stronger and more vibrant now that it has.
Your presence in my life has empowered me to be the best
that I can be.
And I will not
take the loss of your life as any means to
give up the change you made in me.

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