He gave up on love, for the soul reason love hates him
Emotions run wild in the fantasy of love
A sea of illusions is all that's above
She wonders why, her heart throbs to love
Shes almost broken and dreams are her realm
Love... Love... It always ends the same way
For all the joy it brings for all the warmth it creates
At the end there is only one fate it ends only one way
Embrace it and learn
Drugs are like hugs for the ones with no love
They offer peace but it comes with a price
For once they take hold there's no going back
It eats you away until it takes all you have
Flying in the ocean swimming in the sky
The ground the we walk on cease to exist
Peace of mind stands in its place
Three men inside he wonders why
The question of ages still rests inside all of man kind
The first man awakens and goes back to habits
For him it is natural and hes not embarrassed
When he rests his eyes man two come alive
He lives the nightmare man one left behind
Realease.. Realease... Peace of mind
Man three awakens and he calmly stares
He knows he's broken before its his turn
A rose pedal falls and he's close behind
The ground is coming so he just rewinds

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