Here’s A Nice Poem By Some, “Punny” Guy

Here’s Some Nice Poem By A, “Punny” Guy

Puns are nice, but I need a living
so I can get all life is giving,
but I don’t drive and can’t afford a chauffeur.
Each job I’ve tried just turns and kicks me.
I’m broke and need someone to, “fix” me.
If I could bake some bread, I’d be a, “loafer.”

I need a job, I’m blue you see,
(that color skin looks weird on me).
That’s really true so that fact, I will mention.
A baker’s one that I’d be heading
since right now, “dough’s” what I am “kneading.”
I’m so poor I can barely pay attention.

Each golfer will just yell out, “Fore!”
They hope that will improve their score.
If that’s the case, they’re sure to have great fun.
Some of them will wear extra britches.
That’s funny, putting fans in stitches.
That is in case they get, “a whole-in-one.”

Some animals with pretty features
are horses, they’re majestic creature.
They’re lovely and will seldom want to stray.
If one ran off you’d feel remourse
from calling it you would get, “horse.”
They won’t say, “Yes,” to anything, just, “Neighghgh!”

Most cats are glad when they are purring.
It means their love’s what they’re conferring.
It’s bad when they get stuck up in a tree.
Invite one in to share your dinner.
They’ll think that is a, “purrrrrr-fect” winner.
They think dogs cause a shear, “cat-tastropyy.”

Cows are right hungry when they, “Moooo!”
They’re saying, “I do not trust you!”
Still they deserve more fun without the grief.
While some are raised for milk or dairy
the rest have fates which are right scary.
The men who buy them yell, “Hay! There’s the beef!”

Each ape loves swinging through the trees.
He’ll do that pretty as you please.
When he does that, much happier he’ll be.
That’s great which makes the fun times linger
though he just want to be a, “swinger.”
Hope he won’t, “make a, ‘money’ out of me.”

All dogs are sweet and really loyal
so good times, they will never spoil.
They’re man’s-best-friend and help lives to move on.
For good times, they can’t get enough
and always make my life less, “Ruff!”
If it ran off, I’d surely say, “Dog-gone!”

When bunnies run they’ll do it quickly
which means they’ll get away right slickly.
They move so fast dirt flies all through the air.
Since carrots are things they’ll be chewing
some folks want rabbits in pots, stewing
though often they’ll just make it by a, “hare.”

All chicken, “Cluck!” when they’re not flying.
They’ll do that to keep them from frying.
They can be nice although their joy’s been slowed.
Quite often they will take a lickin.
When they get scared they will be, “chicken.”
They want to know, “Why did I cross the road?”

A frog can live in land or water
though, “Knee-deep!” is where they would aught ‘er.
They’re proud, “I, ‘toad’ you so!” is how they’ll gloat.
They brighten lives in many ways
and always give us, “hoppy” days.
The sick ones have a person in their throat.

Though writing puns does make me happy,
(it helps my days to be more snappy),
I’d rather be a cleaner, chef or nurse.
To sleep’s one thing I can’t afford.
Woodworking would make me less, “bored.”
Still, as you see, I’ve gone from, “bed-to-verse.”

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