Here’s A Nice Poem By Some Punny Guy

Here’s Some Nice Poem By A, “Punny” Guy

Puns are nice, but I need a living
so, I can get all life is giving.
I don’t drive and cannot afford a chauffeur.
Each job I’ve tried just turns and kicks me.
I’m broke and need someone to, “fix” me.
If I could bake some bread, I’d be a, “loafer.”

I need a job, I’m blue you see,
(that color skin looks weird on me).
To have one would make all my problems go.
A baker’s one job I’d not dread
because I sure could use the, “bred,”
but now I sit at home just, “kneading dough.”

All horses are majestic creatures
who have some really pretty features.
To see them run sure can make someone’s day.
They’ll galop and have no remorse.
When they get sick they will get, “horse.”
They won’t say, “Yes,” to anything just “Neieieieigh!”

Some cats are cute when they are purring.
It means their love’s what they’re conferring.
It’s bad when they get stuck up in a tree.
Invite one in to share your dinner.
They’ll think that is a, “prrrrr-fect” winner.
They think dogs are a shear, “cat-tastropyy.”

Some golfers will just shout out, “Fore!”
each hoping that will help their score
because it means they’re sure to have great fun.
Some men will wear some extra britches.
That looks weird, putting fans in stitches.
That is in case they get a, “whole-in-one.”

A frog can live in land or water
Though, “Knee-deep!” is where they would aught ‘er.
They’re proud. “I, ‘toad’ you so’s!” what they will gloat.
They brighten lives in many ways
and always give us, “hoppy” days.
The sick ones have a person in their throat.

Though writing puns does make me happy,
(it helps my days to be more snappy),
I’d rather be a cleaner, chef or nurse.
Woodworking means joy will have sored
then I will not be quite so, “bored.”
Yet as you see, I’ve gone from, “bed-to-verse.”

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