Here’s The Thing

Tick tock 
Tick tock  
The sound of the clock  
I always move forward 
Never in reverse 
Hey-hey! Time is running out  
Oh by the way  
Here's the thing  
The past and present are real 
My future is almost non-existent  
Can I get a witness? 
Reliving the moment can be tough 
Back up a minute -Enough is enough! 
Letting my past paint my future   
Is so immature 
Oh by the way  
Here's the thing 
My time will someday expire  
So I will tickle my fancy with desire 
Recharge my battery  
With a little sexual chemistry 
And turn the happy switch on 
Oh by the way  
Here's the thing  
They say time is an illusion 
That's not an official confession 
It's made up reality 
So don’t attack me verbally 
I live for the minute and embrace the present 

Oh by the way  
Here's the thing 
Time has no rules  
Such a precious jewel 
I have not hidden treasures 
Though I will submit to guilty pleasures 
I'm not a troubled individual 
Fact is
My Future cannot be saved at this time

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