Here’s to the ones..

Here's to the ones
who love way too easily
that hate to lose someone special
who always forgives..but will never forget
here's to the ones who get knocked down
but always try to stand back up
even if they feel the need to give up
here's to the ones
who will never stop helping others
who tries to make the sad happy and the broken whole
here's to the ones
who get constantly judged
and bullied in school,with no escape from the harsh words.
here's to the ones who stay strong in front of others
but break down when they're alone.
Here's to the people that have harmed themselves
who have scars all over them
but continue to try even though their life is hell.
Here's to the ones who took their lives.
the ones who saw no light in the darkness
the ones who waved the white flag and gave up.

Here's to the fallen,the broken,the strong and the weak.
here's to you, and to me.

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