Today i turn 18,
and am going away to a place i have never seen.
My family cries upon my depart,
we all know no matter what were in each others heart.
I have a temporary family I'll lay my life down for,
when the enemy calls we will band together to settle the score.
We know we will not all return home where we belong,
with that in mind 2 weeks seems like forever since we have been gone.
We open letters from home and read them out loud,
they all have in common that our family is proud.
We fold them up and put them away,
its hard to sleep not knowing if thats the last thing we'll
know them to say.
Morning comes and i put on my boots and grab my gun,
made it through the night that battle is won.
Our enemy is near we hear other men say,
all of a sudden everything is silent like theres nothing to say.
I can not move but I'm in no pain,
am I really going insane?
All of a sudden I see those I miss,
like a picture in a lighted abyss.
I hear a voice please take my hand and come with me,
then he says to them a hero you will always be.
I know i did not die in vain,
for my country is safe once again.

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