The grass needs mowing, the weeds need cutting,
The fence needs fixing; the place needs painting, build a play house for me please, please, please;
Take me to the park; push me on the swing,
Let’s stop by the chevron and get something cold to drink,
Let’s go on the big truck tonight; Take me, take me dinosaurs I want to see,
T-Rex and a long neck, will be there soon,
Muster bottle cleaned out and filled with chocolate syrup; Cut a square into a milk carton and shake,
Apples, oranges, peaches, pears all we need is your pocket knife so please cut me a slice,
Work all your life, never complain just hold out your big hand and let’s play a card game,
They say a hero is someone who runs towards danger, but they never meet you,
Big as a bear, stronger than superman, papa I miss you.

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