Hero of time

By Kat   

Locked in an endless battle
Doomed to save a falling kingdom
Cursed to fight an evil foe
This is the tale of a hero’s woe
From the forrest to the desert
Seeking the power to save
Fighting the power to destroy
Courage and wisdom hand in hand
Forced to haunt this broken land
Memories fade of the songs the hero played
Forgotton shadows lost in the woods
A song to show the way
Silence at twilight for someone broken
The cry of a gull for the monarch of a drowned kingdom
A song of healing to hide his fate with a mask
The red feather of a time long past
Trapped in the firey glow of a cage of glass
And a faded world remnants of a battle fought too soon

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This Poems Story

I am an HUGE Legend of Zelda fan. Quickest way to get me to not like you is to say the guy is Zelda. Anyway I was browsing through lots of fan art and saw lots of more somber or tragic scenes. It made me think of all the pain that came with it so I put my feelings down in this. It covers the span of several timeline routes and stories which is why I named it the hero of time not because of ocarina of time specifically. There are six games referenced here. If you enjoy LoZ have fun looking for them!