Heroes Inside

Heroes Inside- Albert Joseph Poe

Awash in a nightmare of danger and hate, fighting through the Vietnam jungles where death laid in wait
Young men of great courage who answered the call, to fight against evil so that freedom won’t fall
Saw many horrors and felt so much pain, slept in the mud as they marched through the rain
So many were injured and too many had died, their silent tears falling as they held so much inside
When they returned they were saddened to see, people spit on them for serving, how could this now be
Many years silent, as the years have now passed, the dark memories imbedded, they always do last
But they’re truly respected for what they’ve done, their honor, courage and the battles they won
Now things have changed as they walk with great pride, we thank God for these Warriors, and the Heroes inside

© Albert Joseph Poe 2015

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It is my way to honor our Vietnam Veteran Heroes.