You shoot me in your veins
You put me in a line
You snort me up your nose
You also roll me and smoke me like a joint
Puff puff pass
I help get rid of your past
But there might not be a future
You think this is suppose to help with the present
But I do have a present for you
I’m the leading cause of death
When I was first invented
You swallowed me as a pill
But now I have evolved
Because now
Some put me in a spoon
Some put me in a straw
Some put me in a pipe but that’s not all
My name changes from chinawhite to boy
I’m in the street
I’m in your home
I’m under the mattress and in your dome
I’ll take your life the first time you try
No needle needed you can do it in your eye
You thought I could keep your from being addicted to morphine
But now your just addicted to me
Allison was raped by 3 family members by the age of 15
One was her father
Y’all tried to keep her away from me
But she ran to me asking for help
I help cure her depression
Now she does what I want
She is now addictive to me
I give her energy and make her forget about her past
St. Mary’s Hospital Medical School in London is where I was born
But now I’m everywhere
You turn
I’m right there
Don’t look in your past because I help with the present
The present I bring is your addiction to me
Then the AIDS I bring with the needles you share
Your starting to add more drugs to me
Making me stronger and deadly
Just remember I am your hero
I am heroin

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