So you think life is good, hanging around smoking weed
One day that will not be enough, and you will come find me
I'll be there waiting, because I don't discriminate
Your life will be consumed by me and God you will hate
For I will control you, I won't let you out of my sight
And when you think that you are done, for you I will fight
So many things are involved when it comes to our relationship
For without me you can not live, but without you I will not miss
The beginning wont be so strong, you might give me a little sniff
But the time will come
when you put me in your spoon
and draw me up in your stick
In your arm you will take me, on a ride I will take you
I'll make you keep wanting more, until your lips turn blue
I'll take away everything, from your family to your house
And when your left with nothing, I'll slip away as silent as a mouse
When your ready to let me go, you better take a closer look
You can not function without me, your body is hooked
You think you can leave me, but what I'm saying is not fake
You will feel the chills & the sweats & the body aches
I'll make you go crazy, until you decide to put me back in your vein
You will finally stop fighting and admit your my slave
You can try to call to God, he won't hear your voice
Your soul is controlled by me, I am your drug of choice
You think you can do it alone, but there's something they don't tell
Getting rid of me is not easy, welcome to Hell
Try all you want, but you will never win
Your life will never be the same, for I am heroin!

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