He’s Benny

By Jackamo   

He doesn't talk very much, I explain,
But he'll let you know what he wants,
Even more so, what he doesn't.
His eyes and gestures speak volumes.
You need only listen a bit more closely.
He's Benny, my beautiful little man.
I don't know how he thinks, I explain,
But I do know that his head isn't full of
Malice or greed, envy or hate.
No contempt or shame.
Instead there is love and trust
And a purity beyond compare
He's Benny, my darling child.
He doesn't show emotion like others, I explain,
But he laughs and cries,
He wants and is sated just the same.
His feelings may be hidden from us
But they are there, just below the surface
Where, perhaps, we may never enter
He’s Benny, my precious boy.
He can be very difficult, I explain,
Nearly impossible at times.
But each new word brings a tear to your eye,
Every silly thing he does, makes you laugh out loud
When he snuggles close or gives you an
Unexpected kiss, he melts your heart,
Makes your day complete
He’s Benny, my brave little soul
He's Autistic, I explain,
As though he needs an explanation.
He's not quite like you or me,
But that doesn't make him wrong.
He's Benny, my Grandson,
And I wouldn’t trade him for the world.
Jackamo (Grandpa)

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This Poems Story

I am the Grandfather of an autistic grandson. I'm not sure what I can say about this, I'm a wordsmith so I write