He’s Changed

Seen through the eyes of a prisoners wife.

1. He’s Changed L. Lodge

I think he’s going to change, that lovely man of mine,
He’s serving time in prison and it seems he’s doing fine.
He used to be a bully and a vehicle of abuse,
Very narrow minded and stubbornly obtuse

They said, ‘A beast’, ‘A monster’ lo’ I always knew he was neither;
You can sense a fine heart, it writes itself in the ether
I knew that soon, all would see, this man was good at the core
And the dawning would come when all would gasp at how I was so sure.

He used to be so terribly brash and thoughtless of his crime,
Now cracks of love and seams of kindness are showing all the time.
These current days his smile is warm and his touch is oh so gentle;
He’s become possessed with thoughtful mind, loving and sentimental.

“That man of yours will never change.” That’s what they used to say,
“Find another, one who cares, with whom you’ll want to stay.”
I was malcontent to these wagging tongues, acquiescence I would not be fed.
My guns stuck fast, my hand dithered not, only private tears I shed.

So sweet this change, this wonderful adjust that now has come about,
Up to the rooftops I want to go, and to all I need to shout.
“He’s changed, he’s changed, I told you so.” It’s sad when no one listens,
But I’m happy now, he’s a diamond smoothed, through muddy water glistens

From all this delight and merriment I’m feeling light and feint;
I’m swooning at the lovely thought of a sinner becoming a saint.
Now he writes such kindly words, even odes of love he has sent,
From rogue and scoundrel, it seems he has become a warm and loving gent.

Faith sometimes is valuable, particularly in someone you love,
Who once was unkind, somewhat maligned, but now a conciliatory dove.
A dove of peace and harmony, who once sung a sad sad song.
Who’s changed his ways, and happily chants of wanting to belong.

Soon my man will be from within and into my loving arms,
I’ll hone his heart, caress his love and embrace his new found charms.
I’ll have that man that hid away; to others he may seem strange,
But he’s the man I’ve always loved, the one that will never change. (390)

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