He’s going to New York.

That’s where you will be, I guess it’s time you’ll be leaving me.
My soul will slowly decay, life never goes our way.
I love you and because I do, It’s time I learn, too.
And when you leave, I’ll try not to grieve.

Behind closed doors, was I yours?
The fact that you stood by my side, as you died.
You’ll never know how much I care, you are my air.
I appreciate it to the fullest, by the way, you & me are the coolest.

Then again we were just so lost, but the price was at my cost.
Hating the idea of losing, my body slowly bruising.
cuts that became scars, staring at passing cars.
Will you miss me? I need the key.

Lately I’ve been crying, I stopped trying.
I need a reason to stay alive, striving to survive.
god my poetry is crappy, but here's the key to be happy.
Find beauty in everything, In someone's eyes you're a king.

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