He's just a stranger now

Why am I living a life like I have a dead brother?
Why do I have to live up to the expectations of our mother?
You have no idea how much love i have for you.
But I hate all the things you choose to do.
In an out of jail like it's a motel.
Drinkin and druggin
Without a care
So hard to bare.
Wheres my brother he's the one I miss.
Deep down in side I know you don't care about any of this.
At first I thought maybe you were just having a bad day.
But no mom and dad didn't raise you this way.
You continued to do wrong.
Waiting over 10 years for you to change is way too long.
Always saying you wanna die.
Leaving for days without saying goodbye.
Tattoos on your face.
They say youre a disgrace.

No I know my brother is still in there.
But I just don't know where.
Momma's crying
You're always lieing
Why do you live a life this way?
But you been doing this for years so what can I say??
Holding up a sign.
Right on loop 289.
Asking for change
You're so out of my range.
Living life like I never thought you could.
You can change or at least I hoped you would.
I'm trying not to lose hope.
But youre smoking things worse than dope.
You're trying to kill that kid I once knew.
The one kid that would never think to hurt you.
My brothers still there but he's not the guy he used to be.
He's nothing but a stranger to me.

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    A poem about my brother kind of like a song