He’s not mine

What could it be, I asked myself.
That one look from him and he rocked my world.
He belonged somewhere else, yet he pulled me closer.
I kept falling and I couldn’t keep myself sober.
There was something so magnetic about him
My heart had no choice but to be stuck to his

Where did you come from, I wasn’t even looking for you.
He began to undress my soul.
His hands started to carve his name on my heart.
His lips unfurled me.
He’s someone who makes me laugh when I want to cry.
He’s the ocean and I’ve sank deeper
And now I belong there, in the depth of the ocean.

He’s someone I’m not supposed to yearn for
Im holding onto him tight
Will I able to let him go
He’s my joy and my delight
So before he leaves,
I want to love him in ways he has never been loved before,
For reasons he has never been told before

They say old souls love deeply
And sometimes you don’t understand why you love someone that you fall so steeply.

It leaves you breathless

The only love that I want him to remember, is mine
Will his hands remember the touch of my hands?
Will his eyes search for me when I’ll be gone?
The only thing that I dread
will my love ever be enough to make him mine?

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