He’s Round In Your Mouth

Baby girl, open your eye balls
Elongate your eye lashes
Stretch out your eye lids
Can't you see how handsome this boy is?
What are you waiting for?
Why did you even wait for him to ask you out?
Would you create your own man?
Have you been called to the Covet?
Did you sacrifice your bedding-quality for immortality?
Oh my Jesus, are you married yet? At this age? Are you normal at all?
Baby girl! Contraception exists!
It exists for your use, if you're wise enough, you'll buy from me
I have a prestigious career, yet am willing to start a retail business
I'm willing to sell contraception on the side
Not for this hot boy's sake, who wants you so badly
But for your learning; that you may acquire the skill of recognizing good things
Beautiful girls are common, because make up is common
It is however rare in the crude moon; in the rude room
To find a handsome boy in this gladsome boil
Lady, open your panties to this lucky Lad
Tuck in your doubts; soak in new sentiments
Renew your gentleness; he likes your sexiness
Come on girl, why do you keep misbehaving?
Enlarge your favorite favors and do yourself favors
It takes no labors; no gavels; no errors
There's no error in loving him
Oh... you don't love him yet
There would be no error in loving him
There would be no terror in going to the extent of... we know what I mean...
He doesn't need to say he wants it, of course... you're pretty...
You don't need to say you want it... you can't deny that you're human
You can't get anyone better anywhere
His handsomeness guarantees that he'll be an all-rounder
Round up your doubts; wrap him up in your mouth

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By Victoria Ifeolu; the Poet behind the mystery; "I Call My Sexuality My God: My Shampoo and My Watermelon Juice"