He's The Greatest Of All

Heaven & earth and all of life is His.
The true Founder & His greatest plans yet to come.
Even the times has no limit to His greatness, nothing's too impossible for GOD.
The oceans & seas is His & all the birds filled the skies with His goodness.
No land, not even the highest mountains can't contain Him.
It's evident enough that He exists.
But looking beyond the achievements that He has already made.
Tell of a Wonderful miracle story too, throughout the entire world.
Sound judgement belongs to Him & only He is the righteous judge.
He gives Word making the Sun to rise & shine forth from the East & by His Word it sets in the West.
All by the power of the Almighty.
He can bring the most harshest storms to an end at a instance.
Causing calmness to breakthrough ranks of terrorism.
Nothing is too hard for Him, it is written in His own words.
Famine, diseases, pestilences may come & reak havoc.
But nothing shall be left for the scavengers to take, but their own lives & death.
Only stand still & see the salvation of the LORD, the way He wants us to see it.
And believe there is a time coming, of signs & wonders that we never ever seen before in this lifetime.
Only the LORD anointed true messengers, will make absolutely sure of that.

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This poem is about GOD & He's still the Greatest of all.