Hearing your voice louder
It makes my heart beat faster
Like I’m racing in a field
And I’m ready to be killed
Because your voice echoes in our battlefield
The way you sing a song
The melody pleasing my ears all along
That’s the voice I miss for so long
And hoping to hear again your lovely song

Your touch that I feel
The reason why I fell
And I don’t know what is real
If I’m in love with you so well
I miss your hugs and kisses
And I can’t feel again your gentleness
Because you are in a faraway place
That makes my heart, broken into pieces
Hoping to feel again your presence

Your scent is so addictive
And turned me aggressive
The strawberry scent of yours I miss a lot
And that the scent I can’t forget
Because the scent of your clothes is my favorite spot
Every time I walk around
I can smell your scent all around
And makes me cry and kneel on the ground
Because your memories still surround

Your sweet taste stained in my rosy lips
It’s like a flavor of chocolate nips
That makes my brain turn into a mess
Because of the deliciousness
And I don’t know what happen to me
When I taste your delicious recipe
I turned into crazy

That’s the memories I never forgot
Because it's helped me a lot
To stand in my own path
And forget our love in the past
Because I know our love will last
Even it's hurt me a lot
I need to let go of our past
If the destiny will again cross our path
And that’s the time you are invisible in my own path
Because my life and yours will be separated in different paths

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