Hexagone, a shape, and name given to you
I reckon it is because your six sides are aligned in accordance with the days and times of Europe's busy lights.
Time never seems to slow down for you to take a deep breath and see the sea around you. Do you take rounds around your land and acknowledge the splendor of your vast riches given to you by God?
Gold and silver, are beautiful ornaments that rest upon your neck during the midnight hour.
A walk with your lover leading up to your tower where you shower each other with coffee and tea.
Silk, silk teas wolven as a blanket for you while you gaze into each other's eyes. Size does not seem to matter in the Louvre when Red, White, and Blue hang on top of you.
Your head. Spent so many days and nights thinking about the love you bring. Ear-ring, the sound of raindrops and Gumdrops in your hands as you mesmerize every creature far and wide.
Bronze. Your feet are made of Iron and Bronze standing the test of time. Lime, feels the air with the scent of fresh bread.
Read about you in the magazines, saw you in the movie scenes but never saw you up close. I hope one day I can be with you and experience your splendor again and again and hope to fall in love in the grandure of Paris.

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Key Words : National Holidy

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This Poems Story

This poem is about a person who has fallen in love with France, though only experienced on a television screen and admired through history books. The protagonist hopes to go to Paris and experience love there as depicted by the French on the national independence day.