Hey June

Hey June..

Do you remember me?
It has been too long since we have first met.
That awkward moment of my first glimpse,
Followed by my embarrassing cry.

I remember you soft loving embrace,
Your whispered murmurs of encouragement.
You kept me warm at my most vulnerable moment.
I think that is when I fell in love.

Remember our first kiss?
Secretly behind the schoolyard?
I have never been able to forget it.
We made a great team, you and I.

I still remember the pains of college.
All that stress over exams!
I honestly did not think I would make it out.
You were the only one who kept me going.

Those college days were so long ago.
The time in my life where I was truly free.
Now look at me!
Working to pay the bills that work put upon me.

How I could use your grace these days.
For you see, my life has not been well without you.
Why couldn’t you stay!?
It seems my life only lives when you are around!

This constantly leaving is so hard on me.
I yearn for you every time you go.
Yet you always come back and surprise me with gifts!
My little girl! What a blessing indeed!

She has her mother’s eyes.
Her body, her soul, her wisdom.
Her dimples were from me.
At least I was able to leave my mark.

She is all grown up now you know?
So beautiful. So regal.
I look at her as my best work.
Funny how that happens.

I won’t have to wait much longer.
I have that feeling that my time is close.
How I look forward to seeing you again.
I yearn to feel that embrace one last time.

“I am ready for you.
I miss you dearly.
Please come and take me away!
- Russel Neval 06 June 2011”

Two days later, my daughter came looking for me.
She found the note.
Tears streamed down her face as she touched the date.
She knows! She knew all along!

Take care of her June, as you have me.
It is her turn for your warmth, comfort and salvation.
Let your days comfort her as they did me.
For my time is now complete.

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