Hey, Life!

Hey, life!

I think you hate me so much
Or how else can I explain this
That luck only finds the top notch
But whenever I shoot, I miss

I feel timed with a stop watch
Stuck to my wretched bed side
The word for me is 'pray n watch'
In the midst of a raging tide

While others enjoy point and kill
With beer or wine or both
As if the word 'peace be still'
Was meant only for their boat

If only I knew how to die
Or how to switch my life off
Then I would've been the luckiest guy
Away from a life so tough

You land me a hard punch
And employ me not to quit
In a world where there's no free lunch
You expect me to be strong and fit

Why not be the man, let me be the life
So you could sleep on a ground so rough
So I could stab you with a sharp knife
And watch you laugh it off

Why not be me, let me be your breath
So you could starve for a week or two
By then you'll be more dead than death
Or wish to take your own life too

So you see its not easy after all...

So now be kind enough to reduce your sermon
To the lowly placed and poorly made
And stop asking me to use your lemon
To make a freaking lemonade!

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