Hey Youngin, You Know I Went to High School With… NBA LEGENDS

Anthony was called “the brow” his one defining feature
Bill was a real winner and wasn’t afraid to remind you.
Cleveland gave us Lebron, a special kid who moved out west but was never forgotten.
Dirk never left his home, he preferred to fade away
Earvin didn’t own a wand or rabbit, but still like to perform magic.
Fighting with Kevin wouldn’t be wise. He was kind of crazy.
Giannis was a skinny freshman, but after some years his strength was unmatched
Hakeem’s moves were so swift and sweet, many girls called him dreamy.
Isiah dated my sister’s friend, she said she liked bad boys.
James liked to cherish high school memories to take a step back and reflect
Kareem had big dreams, for him the sky was the limit.
Larry was a simple man, He enjoyed working in the garden
Michael, to me was arrogant, he must have thought he was the greatest.
Nikola was the class clown, and always filled the halls with laughter.
Oscar wasn’t a grouch, but always had a chip on his shoulder
Paul never told a lie, the most honest person I’ve ever met.
Quiet Kawhi was almost robotic, but always got his work done.
Russell always gave maximum effort, he never seemed to run out of energy
Steph liked to go hunting, he was a real sharp shooter.
Tim had a summer job at the bank, and he didn’t like to travel much.
Unstoppable, that man Shaquille, he was a force to be reckoned with
Victor grew to be a star, which none of us expected.
Wilt had the school record for everything, some of them will never be broken.
‘Xceptional people like Kobe come once in a life time, the young kids would shout his name
Yao was the exchange student, but seemed to fit in pretty well.
Zach wasn’t as well known as the others, he always had his head in the clouds

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