1 word, 3 letters
How easy it is to say
When a friend passes you by
From seeing a relative again
Or just meeting a stranger

6 words, 28 letters
Your last words to me
"Maybe we should just be strangers"
The sentence you give to a man
Who has utterly failed

How could it be so easy for you
All the laughs and tears
You brought upon me
And yet here you can
With ease
Even with a smile
With your beautiful voice that i was
Almost forgetting
How could you so easily say "hey"

Do you not remember that night
The night you gave up on me
The night i had no sleep
You don't know this
You can't even imagine
Not just that night, but endless
Nights where i did nothing but cry
Nights where i cursed your name
Nights where i cursed this immortal
Feeling for you that i just simply
Cannot abandon
Days where i called my friend by your
Days that i had to stay locked in my
Room making sure no one would see
Me shed a tear

Look at what you've done
You cursed me the night you said it
Even though we did become strangers
You're the only friend i want
I realized i would give anything
All my friendships
All my talents
All my time
I would give it all away if instead of
Those six words
You had just said
As Frank Sinatra would describe it
Something Stupid

Yet here i am
Hoping that one day
you can say
A little more
than a simple "hey".

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