HIBPO’s Visit

Condemned in the desert, deserted in the wilderness,
The hope of the world, the beauty of life in it,
What makes summer's fairest rose fair,
Winter's sweetest snow sweet,
Poetry will be,
Without its board of officials
An association, a solid association,
For a solid reason.
It's spread all over nations,
They need no invitations,
Making poetry implementations,
Providing favorable donations
The hope of the world, the beauty of life in it,
Stands intact today.
What makes it?
The mast of dust that covers the land?
The mighty wind that blows across the savannah?
The flame of fire lit every night in a cave?
What else could make poetry stand?
If not an association of quick demising
Poetry achievers.
The Poets voice out, and declare dear board,
You're the hope of the world,
the beauty of life in it
Gratitude to the old man of the day,
the one who wears the garment of light,
Light strong enough to spread across continents,
The gracious sun,
For not pretending our International Board Head
From bringing his stinking old fat butt over
Your visit to Jezzizyn, Honorable HIBPO,
Is spicing an already seasoned meal,
Adding yet more flavor
Having you in this wonderful institution,
Is having a giant of literature
Whose knowledge has no confines
Though your butt stinks, with embracing arms,
You are greatly welcome to Jezzizyn High School,
We greatly respect and honor your presence,
But we wouldn't fail to admit,
You are an old hag,
You are fat, nosy and unlike other old men, stupid

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An extract from "Memories: Kevin & Mica"