Hidden in the bottom of trash cans
Lurk bloody tissues and rags
Though the cries are silent, they are still there

Hidden in shoe boxes, under beds
Lurk sharp edges and diary pages unseen
Though the person tries to talk, they are still unheard

Hidden behind smiling faces,
Lurks a sadness so deep
Though the emotion is there, the tears will fall silently

Hidden under long sleeves and pants,
Lurk scars that will never go away
Though they are there, no one sees them

Hidden under skirts and fear,
Lurk bruises from the hands of a person that is supposed to love you.
Though no one asks, the pain is still there

Hidden behind the lies,
Lurk the truth behind why
Though, no one has cared to ask so it's time to say goodbye

Hidden in the closet,
Lurks a loaded gun
The person is alone because no one tried to save them

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