I was born in the wrong body from the start
But didn’t know until the time was right
I was raised to follow the gender norms
Young girls shouldn’t play with dirt so they say
Young boy shouldn’t play with doll so they say
We as young girls and boys should be allowed to play with what we want
When society tells us to follow our gender roles
It holds us back as people
Maybe this is one reason why I didn’t feel right in my body
Because all I heard around me is you’re a girl do girly things
Stopping hanging around the boys before you become one
Guess I didn’t stop hanging out the boys because I knew I was always a boy
Deep down I knew I was different
But didn’t know how to express it
When I was in high school I started to hate my body even more
Hated looking in mirrors and seeing breast
Hated looking in mirrors and seeing a feminine face
Didn’t like being called someone girlfriend because I wasn’t a girl
Coming to terms with myself was hard to do because I had been living in this body for 19 years
I had been hiding my image from myself for so long
From others
As I came out so many people were like I knew all along
But did you really or we’re you just saying that to make me feel better
Gender roles held me back as a person
From the start I was told to quit hanging with the boys
Hang with the girls because that’s your gender
For so long I hid my image until I was comfortable with me
The mirror isn’t my best friend until I’m best friends with my body

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