My name is Alissah—a mixture between the name “Elijah “ and “Alyssa”.They thought it would be as good idea to mix the two .I personally could care less Its just a name : it has no meaning to me it is empty,My last name is “Void “ which means emptiness so who really knows what my name means: maybe “nothing emptiness . My name holds no value to me. Wouldn’t you be confused if bread was labeled fruit? You would automatically have the expectation of the fruit being fruit right ? .The bread is me. People who hear my name
have a totally different expectation then what I really look like .They open the package then only to see bread-instead of fruit,they expect to see a perfectly polished girl .A girl who obeys the rules—whose just great ,but that’s too bad because they’ll never get her.They’ll never get what they expected ,because I’m not her.I’m the package labeled fruit ,a girl who funny but boring.A girl who is loud but quiet ,a girl who’s complex.A girl you’ll never understand, but they’ll never see that because I’m hiding in a package labeled fruit.

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