Hidden Auras

Blinded by shadows laughter traps you in time,
You believed in the stars;
Now they've reversed back the time.

Your tears are bruised because no one knows the value of them,
Blood clots are trapped;
Blocking passage to your bright alley of hymns.

Absence of conscious makes you feel untouched,
Your ambience is glowing;
Progress slowly corrupts.
Your heart weeps;
Sinking drastically.
You have such passion;
Yet, still beneath your feet.

The heart pumps blood to the purpose of it's being.
You cut off circulation;
Causes from believing before seeing.
You've always been strong;
That's why you mourn so much.
You are a wall fighting sorrows,
Let your aura erupt.

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This Poems Story

This poem is about innocent people whose lives have been tormented by such bruised souls that their persona has faded into believing false truths. This poem is meant to remind these innocent people that there is still unknown beauty in this world, and not to let bitterness overpower their aura.