Hidden Away

Hidden away from the world
Well all have problems
There are those who choose to
Express them and those that choose to hide them. They are Hidden Away
Hidden Away
Hidden Away from him and her
Hidden Away feeling no care
No care, love
No hope, dream
What do they have ?
Let’s see....
No care ? so you thought ?
They care for all those around them
They care for life to be lived at its best and not to be put to the test
No love? what a joke ?
The love of the mind is
the only love they need,
A love which is always kind and a love which has no speed
No hope, why you play
They hope for a life were they don’t have to be Hidden Away
And no dream, yeah it seems that all is gone
But soon the ones Hidden Away
Will become the worlds greatest song
And all the dreams that they dream
Will be what pushes life along
And all those who doubted them will bow at their sight
While they sit up on their petistals and rule this world with MIGHT

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