Hidden Gem

Girl, Do you know your worth?or do I need to remind you.
Looks like you don't because of all you have been through.
Not too long ago we'd talk about our dreams, goals, and always go out.
Now all you do is hangout with him and tell us what he's all about.
You decided to be with him during one of your bad seasons.
Now you seem broken and sad for that very reason.
He saw you were of value and kept you away like a gem.
Now I never see you, because your always with him.
We all know the story he started off real nice.
But you've chosen to give him your all and sacrifice.
Wow! what a lovely couple, all you guys do is yell, scream, and fight.
He makes you feel wrong, because he can't help but be right.
Everyday you cry and cry then and ask God "Why?"
What more do you need, bumps, bruises and maybe a black eye.
You say you're gonna leave, but you always stay.
I pray for you always so that you might have a better day.
For I am just your friend, must I remind you he doesn't own you.
When will you decide enough is enough and do what you wanna do.
Don't get it wrong.I am here for you. Let me make it clear,
But I'm wondering when will you find the courage and kick him in the rear.
For you are a diamond girl you were meant to shine bright for forever.
Please believe when I say there's someone else much more kind, funny, and clever.
For now, I wait for the day that you say you are ready to get your things.
But I know the time is not right, because you still think he might give you a ring.

All I can do is remind you of who you are.
you bright and perfect just like a superstar.

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This Poems Story

This poem is about being friend to someone who is in a toxic and abusive relationship.