Hidden Happiness

A lad was curious to know
Why his father was sad…

My life drives me crazy…I procrastinate and am lazy!
I wish the world is friendly and smiling
Towards me to make me more promising!
My hopes are diminishing …Dreams shattering!
I wonder where to search …My lost peace did lurch!

Slyly the lad looked up and said,

“Dad ! In moonlit backyard I searched for what I lost inside..!”
But why son, “Because it is bright outside!”
Dad gave him a snaring look, the lad continued
“I follow your steps always but dad”, said the lad,
“I guess we search where we lost …Your Peace and my Pouch”

This truth struck him hard, embraced his son
And sought happiness from within!

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This Poems Story

A problem always comes with a solution.A lock is never without a key.Seek and you get is one of the many life lessons.Happiness is an inside job not to be sought outside!