Hidden Hurt He Holds

1. Looking for something that he withholds,
2. Trying to find the answers in a story he’s never told,
3. He’s breaking inside,
4. That I can see,
5. But he won't say why,
6. He won't tell me,
7. I’ll find a way to save him,
8. The way he saved me,
9. I won't let him suffer I can't let him be,
10. She stands with her hand outreached,
11. He looks up for a moment fearful his heart has been breached,
12. Suddenly she says I’ve come here to find you,
13. And here you are,
14. A boy I once felt so close to,
15. But never knew how far,
16. Your barrier of being alone, Won’t have to be,
17. Come back home, Come back with me,
18. The boy slowly took the outreached hand,
19. He looked one more time, He couldn't understand,
20. The girl smiled sweetly and kissed him gently on the cheek,
21. Everything in his world changed, It was no longer bleak,
22. Tears from his eyes began to pour,
23. For she healed what was once so sore,
24. He closed his eyes and put his arms around the girl,
25. For once in his life there was love in his world.

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