Hidden in the Night

for some, the darkness of the night holds terror.
terror of what lurks in it
a fear of the unknown
for me, the darkness of the night holds a beauty that many cannot see
in the darkness, we seem to be cut off from all the light,
but that is not the case.
the light is a mystery as much as the dark is
it enjoys hiding from us in the shadows
but if you open your mind to see the beauty that isn't always obvious
then you may find the hidden light
it is hidden in the constellations that waltz across the sky
in the moon which seems to reign the skies
and it is also hidden in within each and every one of us
for our dark is speckled with light
similar to the way the stars dance through the abyss of the night
yet it works both ways
for among our obvious light, the darkness is concealed
there is a strange beauty to the opposites
that are warring within our souls
the mystery is which side will prevail in the silence of the night

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