Hidden Peace

There is no peace that stays forever
There is always a conflict somewhere or another
There is peace in your home with your family around
But with the thoughts of bombs on someone's ground
There are trees with the peaceful wind, rustling against the leaves
There are flowers in the spring with its beautiful new bloom
But this wind is full of hate that will kill the trees
And the flowers with no more scent scattering across the room
Peace is a word that doesn't stay somewhere long
There is always something going on
No matter where the peace may lie
There are always those airplanes fighting in the sky
There may be a peace treaty
And paper it is written on
But in between the lines
There is still a war going on
People try to make peace wherever they go
But it takes the whole nation for peace to grow
But if everyone made peace and stood up tall
Not one more nation should break down and fall
Some people think that peace is quiet and stillness, with no action
But it is having security upon yourself and your country
With the sense of satisfaction
It is all worthwhile to get out and fight
To get what you want
And to get what you think is right

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