Hide and Seek

When we are young nothing seems as important as we think;
When a game of hide and seek can seem as innocent as a wink.
Well when I was four, reality came knocking on my door,
And hit me like a bag of bricks that I will always have to endure.

As me and my friends played this childhood game,
Something unthinkable happened all the same.
As I came into a room looking for someplace to hide,
The girl behind the radiator said she had room by her side.

Now as I was young I didn't know better,
That the pipes were broken like a heart after a crushing love letter?
I learned the pain no young child should ever have to attain,
After fire burning steam stimulated my brain as if it was on cocaine

As I stood there struck from shock and dismay,
My brother came in and saved the day.
He flew to my parents as fast as a plane,
And when they saw me all they could do is run to me crying my name.

They carried me off like a princess in distress
To the sink, where the ice cold water hit my ankle like the stress
Of a prickly needle stabbing me, as salty tears poured off my face.
The image of red white skin will be eternally imprinted in some space
Of my brain, making me never forget that night;
Forever marked with a scar for the rest of my life.

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