Saturday morning, early starts

Errands and shopping, find the Wal-marts.

It's always one place ,the kids love to go.

As for me, well, I just don't know.

Falling prices and all those deals.

Make dollars seem endless, or so the kids feel.

Look at the price Mom, can I take it home?

Can I borrow the money? We'll call it a loan.

I find myself ducking behind the display.

When I see the kids searching and coming my way.

I try to pick places they'd never guess.

Underwear, hardware, behind the tool chests.

It's quite the ordeal, watching my back.

Their hunting the aisles, they give me no slack.

As soon as my guard's down, I hear from beyond.

Those familiar words, "Can I have this, Mom?"

It's time to check out now and what do I see?

A cartful of things, we really don't need.

So back to the aisles, to put it away.

Until we hit Wal-mart, on next Saturday.

Cathleen Blome

Copyright 1997 "Chasing The Wind" National Library of Poetry

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