Running from yourself is a futile practice, not an impossibility.
Futile practice, as in,
We do practice it always,
Even though it is futile.
But running from yourself is not only something we practice,
It is something,
While difficult,
Possible to perform.
As we get older,
Hide and seek becomes less of a game,
And more of a performance,
As we realize that the days of laughing and whining once found,
Was less the anecdotes of childhood,
And more the preparatory teachings of strategy and war,
Studying Old Stonewall's techniques,
Just in case...
Just in case we get tired of moving our lips to run from ourselves,
And moving our arms to run from each other,
And once we are too tired we will turn to face our perpetrators,
Outstretched arms,
Waiting for our own embrace.

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