Hiding Behind a Mask

Her eyelids were colored a shade of peach, topped with black lines
Her top and bottom eyelashes were covered with little black clumps
I smiled as I thought back to elementary school
Brown frizzy greased hair that flew behind her
As she splashed into the mud
Was now straightened and the tips were dyed blond
Where her baggy sweatpants coated with woodchips and mud used to be
A white-laced dress barely covered her bottom
Her lips were painted a tinted pink which she said was called
"Natural touch"
I call it "hint of irony."
The girl I remember was real, she was beautiful
This girl was superficial, this girl hid behind a thick mask.
As I sat next to her in class that day
Thinking about what had happened to that girl
With the crooked bulletproof smile
Who chased after me during recess but now refused to be seen with me
I overheard someone call her "ugly freak,"
And I saw her eyes dilate as she bit her lip, to refrain from crying
Careful to not ruin her makeup
And show her face without her mask.

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