Hiding Notions

I am useless, quite useless,
Useless in a manner that I do not express,
But, useless none the less.
Utterly hopeless and helplessly unraveled
As a rose in a vase of water,
Slowly sipping away at an undeniable attraction as it withers.
For I have slipped upon the perfectly paved trail of common sense.
To only be thrown into a pit of despair
In which my very ambitions I am engulfed.

But as I stood in the pit, in the peak of the mark,
I witnessed a luminous shadow that helped guide me through the
Blinding dark.
A Maiden of Light,
A sight from afar,
As fair as far the very spaces between every shining star.

In the midst of a cloudiness luminous stare,
She is there,
A distractor for the distracted to embed the very sense
That they withhold,
So no longer are perception and illusion differing terms.
A lonely stare, a mystic gaze,
A look into those absorbing eyes and I'm in daze
And I'm assured no longer is there a hiding notion
For the rest of my days.

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