I've been put in a lull to the light
That comes from a train
Who steers unclear off its tracks
And careens into the atmosphere
As I feel I'm quite derailed
To the game that I find untrue
As I'm force to hail
The oncoming turbulence
That I know will ensue when its peace is due
And I find myself unglued
To this world I'll never understand
But maybe if I give my hand
I'll find another one is given to me
And the line that is drawn in the sand
Will disappear since I found the will to care
The yearning for volition, as itself,
Will become the very thing made aware
Lately my dreams have become monsters
Baptizing my nightmares
Through fears, tears & wares
But as I'm followed by the shadow who waves
With a topsy-turvy glaring grimace showered in graves
I'm reminded to the one in me who saves
And braves the true meaning of the hieroglyphics
Of our own writing in stone on the walls of our intrinsic caves
The stone that breaks its mold through benevolence and its history

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