High Five

Another day waiting for
What I lack the patience for.
Wonder if the proposition
Still lives on the table.
Why does the bird fly
If nobody looks up to the sky?
Why do I say hi
If you just wave with your eyes?
Well, at least the bird knows he flies.
If I saw through your intelligence ruse
Maybe I'd be able to discard my clues.
But I don't,
So I can't.
I'll still reach out my hand,
Arm extended to take that chance
At the risk of amputation
Yes, I'd risk body parts for you.
My heart's already riding the line.
But the prosthetic limbs you compensate with are pathetic,
And embedded in all my"hellos" are "goodbyes".
I'm this close to quitting and getting up off the tack
That keeps digging into my skin;
Wonder why I sat here to begin with.

So give your weak nerves that hinder your smiles,
And give me the"good jobs" that make the lilies rise inside,
And give me a high five.

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