High School

I walk through the halls with a smile on my face;
People may think I'm happy, but that's not the case.
No one understands me; I just want to be alone
In a place more loving that maybe feels like home.

To my left are some girls spreading a rumor,
Trying to fit in with their crude humor.
I hear the rude comments and see the evil glares,
So I try not to tremble as I reach the stairs.

I walk past a boy with his girlfriend by his side;
If only she knew what he is trying to hide.
Some people may say he should go to hell,
Yet those people know and are too scared to tell.

There's a lot of drama at every corner I turn,
With people being mean as a funny burn.
If only we could come together,
Maybe we would better understand each other.

The girl from math class could be your friend,
If you knew she wanted her life to end.
The best four years of my life,
Then why do so many people cut with a knife.?

Some say the way I am feeling is foggy like a dream,
But to me it's a nightmare and I just want to scream.
What is this place where the biggest desire is to be cool?
This place, my dear, is called high school.

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