High School Sweerthearts*

Strolling through a queue of flowers
each one as beautiful as the next
which one should i pick to wear
to display proudly upon my chest?

Black, Red, Yellow blossoms
i love the three and all the rest
wishing that i could pick just one,
they can easily woo me with a gentle kiss.

i never wanted to escort just one
various garlands on a prom dress
will a flower bed bloom for me?
each day varies from the next

budding flowers so innocent
each one i wish to test
it’s tough to choose a single one
although i've tried my best

i continue to stroll through vibrant gardens
excuse me while i digress
i never plucked as sweet of flower
as your fragrance upon my breath.

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Key Words : Rhyme, Relationships, Decisions, Desires, Proms

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This Poems Story

I never really had just one sweetheart through High school. They were all so pretty, i wanted them all, and i never wanted to hurt any one of them if i chose to go out with another on a date. There was one girl who taught me how to kiss. I thought she might just be the one, but she broke my heart. Her teaching served me well, when it came to making out with other girls. As a matter of fact i went to 3 proms... Jr. and Sr. years in HS and one year after i was out of HS. All three times the girls asked me to escort them. Lucky me!