High School Transitions

I am sixteen.
They treat me like a child;
Saying I am too young to feel--
Pain: suffering.
Love: true suffering.
But I have known these better than many ever have.
I try too hard in school,
Yet, i do not try hard enough.
They judge me for my actions.
I am fifteen.
I believe we are in love;
That we will be together forever.
I cannot concentrate.
What does it matter?
I know better than those in charge.
I am average.
I do most of my assignments,
But I do not care.
I am fourteen.
I have no control.
I am unable to look them in the eyes,
For theirs are too harsh.
Words and actions cut like knives;
Slicing comes from both sides.
They push and tease.
Why am I so different?
No one helps me;
They choose not to see.
Not to hear.
I am sixteen.

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